HP Vs ASUS Laptops – Comparing Computers For 2020

asus vs hp

Our Favorite ​HP Laptop:

Our Favorite ​ASUS Laptop:

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Nowadays, computers have become a vital part of anyone’s life. Several companies have contributed to manufacturing computers, laptops, and other gadgets globally. Big brands such as Apple, ASUS, Microsoft, HP, etc., have offered personal computers, whether it is a laptop or desktop at a very reasonable price. When purchasing laptops for any personal or business, one has to make many considerations. Based on interest, laptops are mainly classified into four types, Mobility, Gaming, Business, and Entertainment.  Lets compare HP and ASUS right now!

Today, ASUS vs HP 2019 are well-known brand names for its notebooks, motherboards, portable computers, and cellular phones. ASUS and HP are known globally for providing outstanding and technologically advanced desktops and laptops. Not only computers, even their scanners, printers, and peripheral devices, are highly rated. Both of these companies enjoy a steadily growing and dedicated fan base. They have uniquely crafted all their laptops to offering a versatile market. So between an HP laptop vs Asus laptop, which is the best? Here are some features of each.

asus vs hp

ASUS Laptop Computers

Is Asus better than HP?  ASUS, from their humble beginnings, has always been one of the most respected brand names in the computer hardware market. They have always been leaders and innovators and one of the few manufacturers that build their laptops complete from the bottom up. With a company vision that is continually putting them at the forefront of new technology advances, many find that ASUS laptops are about as close as you can get to the pinnacle of laptop perfection. Their laptops are available from leading retailers in a variety of configurations with sleek, stylish designs created around a robust frame and with long-lasting exterior casings offering excellent quality and durability.

Large hard drive

For anyone that is looking to buy a new computer, ASUS laptop computers are a great choice. This is true because of various reasons. First and foremost is, ASUS laptop computers have an enormous hard drive. No other laptop computer can beat ASUS computers when it comes to a large hard drive. You can enjoy surfing the Internet at blazing fast speed with this large hard drive. Unfortunately, many users do not realize the benefits of having a larger hard drive.

Blazing speed

ASUS laptop computers are wonderful for browsing the Internet at blazing fast speeds. No other laptop on the face of the earth can surf the Internet as fast as the ASUS laptop can. For those who currently own an older laptop, then you are probably surfing the Internet at ridiculously slow speeds. At the same time, this is perhaps extremely frustrating to you. Fortunately, you do not need to be frustrated any longer. You can head to the stores and purchase ASUS laptop and experience the change.

Well designed

ASUS laptops are manufactured with the end user in mind. Not only are they used for multipurpose machines or mass marketed, but ASUS laptops are engineered explicitly for whatever you require your device to do. ASUS provides a variety of laptops that range in specialty from gaming targeted to business to laptops and include everything in-between. The real appeal is the way they blend technological harmony with visual bliss. All their laptops are made with the most premium finishes and surfaces you can imagine. From brushed stainless steel to wild colors and even full grain leather, you will find yourself mesmerized over more than just the absolute processing power of ASUS laptops.

Plenty of space

ASUS computers have plenty of gigabytes space for you to store your favorite pictures. Therefore, if you like taking photos with a digital camera, these laptop computers will be great for you. For some reason, many people believe that it is difficult to upload photos to a laptop computer. The truth is that it is straightforward to upload pictures with an ASUS computer from your digital camera. You only need to plug your digital camera into the USB port of your computer.


Today, many people have started making use of laptops for entertainment and relaxation. There is a broad market of entertainment available for everyone. For users who love to use the latest advanced features, ASUS had come up to fulfill the requirements. Buyers will get what they pay for. ASUS entertainment laptops have all ensuring fantastic audio/video quality at very affordable prices. These laptops also offer the latest graphics cards, which will make your casual gaming experience better.


ASUS laptop computers are one of the most affordable laptop computers that are available in the world; this is another one of the best aspects. When you purchase an ASUS, you are getting tons of value for their money. When you buy other laptop computers from other companies, you are paying way too much money. If you want to save money, then you should undoubtedly turn towards a laptop from ASUS. By doing this, you will get the most value for your money.

Hewett Packard (HP) Laptops

Established in the year 1947 by two aluminous from Stanford University, Hewlett Packard is also well known for creating amazing products. In its earlier period, HP was involved in the production of electronic test gadgets such as oscilloscope, voltmeters, signal generators, frequency counters, and many more. Nowadays, Hewlett Packard has become the largest technology company in the world and specializes in computers, software, networking devices, and other services. With an extensive line of laptop computers, it is a significant player in that market too and has driven their sales. Hewlett Packard (HP) laptops are equipped with various features and specialize in the graphics display.


According to HP, “Simplicity” is the inspiration behind the new HP laptops focused on materials, usability, the senses, and experience.” Focusing on the latest trend and customer’s expectation, the company releases its unique designs. From simple to incredible, these designs suit every taste. The latest collections with sleek designs are quite impressive. You will also find HP skins in various colors at reasonable rates in the market, which are easy to apply and remove.


The price is a plus point about HP. There are a few HP laptops that are high range price on the larger laptop, but most of their laptops are cheaper. It can be a perfect laptop to budget for student or user to do their daily activities.

Internal equipment

The laptop that has complete internal equipment with two cable charges, HDD existing in recovery, CD/DVD drive, webcam with clear and sharp image quality and an intergraded microphone with clear sound

Battery Performance

Everyone is aware that battery standby depends upon the use. However, some users have experienced unbelievable standby in spite of lengthy work time. According to the specification, HP laptop possesses excellent battery life. This is true in fact, but still, it depends upon the usage. HP laptop battery stands up to 8 hrs. The latest models from HP are packed with a powerful battery to last even longer, and many users have experienced this amazing standby.

Display & Audio

HP offers the ultimate multimedia experience to its clients. You’ll get the real pleasure to watch images and videos. HP laptops have the preferable color and sturdy construction among all laptops with the fast operating system. Remarkable beats audio have also been integrated into HP notebooks. This results in pleasing crystal sound with plenty of basses.


The best part about owning one of ASUS laptop computer is that you can surf the Internet at blazing fast speeds without worrying about being forced to use a slow connection. These laptop computers will offer you a great way to save tons of money on a laptop computer. People want light weighted portable laptops, ASUS has made this possible. They have laptops that are quicker to carry and feel light. Another great part about owning one of these computers is that they allow offer you hours and hours of digital entertainment. You can quickly and easily download your favorite movies and music right onto your ASUS computer.

On the other hand, HP is the world’s largest sellers of personal computers, and HP laptops are also doing quite good in the market. It won’t be wrong to say that HP laptops are among the most used laptops in the world. People, especially people in business, can always be seen checking different sources of communication like the newspapers, televisions, Internet to keep themselves up-to-date about the company’s latest products. HP laptops are famous across the globe due to better performance, competitive price, long durability, and eye-catchy designs; that is why many companies offer an extensive line of HP laptop units.

ASUS Laptop vs HP Laptop Summary

Overall, when it comes to HP versus ASUS, there is no huge difference between the two brands. For those happy with their current brand, it is probably best to stay with it unless it does not offer something you want. There are many online stores available that deal in the sale and purchase of HP and ASUS computers. With so many specifications and options, it is often a good idea to buy a laptop online. Doing so enables people to do more research so that they can make the best possible purchase decision.  So which do you want?  Asus or HP?  HP or Asus?

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​Frequently Asked Questions

Is HP a good brand of laptop?
Yes!  HP (formally Hewlett Packard) is an excellent computer brand for laptops.  They have many selections available in all kinds of configurations and price ranges.  We have a few other articles on this brand inclusing how to speed up your HP laptop, FAQ on how HP is good for music production, and docks for HP.

Is ASUS a good brand of laptop?
Absolutely!  ASUS is a very well respected laptop and computer brand.  Depending on what you need in a laptop, ASUS probably has one exactly for your needs and price range.

Which laptop brand is better HP or Asus?
This really depends.  We recommend checking out our complete guides on both these laptop brands to see which is best for you.  It really depends on your budget and needs.

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