Asus Vs Toshiba Laptops – Our Comparison For 2020

ASUS laptop

For a lot of people, it can be pretty difficult at times to figure out what type of laptop to go with. There are a lot of different options out there, and each one has some positives and negatives. Two of the leaders when it comes to laptop options out there include Asus at Toshiba. When doing an Asus vs Toshiba laptops comparison, which one comes out on top?

Those people who are shopping in North America are going to be pretty familiar with both brands. They are popular companies, and they bring a lot of similar things to the table. Toshiba has been a company that has been around for a little bit longer, but Asus laptops is definitely gaining some traction.

ASUS laptop

Asus Vs Toshiba Laptops

Laptop Build Quality

There are a lot of people who feel like there is not much of a gap in between the two companies when it comes to build quality. They do not have a lot of high end options, so most of them are going to be screwed together and pretty durable. Some of the high end options for Asus tend to be a little bit nicer for gamers, while Toshiba seems to be more focused on delivering overall computers as well.

Most people who end up getting either one of these laptops will probably find out that they have quite a bit of durability. The quality should not be much of a concern at all. Eventually they will break down or slow down, but most people will be able to get plenty of use out of them.

The only edge really seems to go to Asus when it comes to build quality, simply because they offer a lot more high end models that some people really like. They are going to cost a little bit more, but the build quality is going to be superior to anything that Toshiba offers at this point.

Overall value

Value is going to be different for people out there. Some are going to want the perfect game and computer, while others are looking for a laptop that they can rely on when they go back to school. It can be a pretty tricky situation to define value across the board when comparing Asus to Toshiba, but there are some things to stick out.

Asus started out as a company that probably had a pretty cheap reputation overall. Since then, it has really started to go towards the higher end. It is not going to cost as much money to get an Asus computer compared to something like Apple or even Sony, but it is still a pretty expensive investment.

As for Toshiba, they seem to really be focusing on bringing value to the table. They do have some high end models, but Toshiba has a lot of mid range and even cheaper options for people to consider. It is definitely one of the best value brands out there, and they provide a lot of value to. Even though Toshiba is generally cheaper, they still have a pretty similar build as far as parts are concerned. That is why most people will consider Toshiba to be slightly better as far as value was concerned.

General Reliability

A laptop can have all the bells and whistles a person can imagine, but no one is going to use the computer if it is not reliable. Reliability of something that people look for over a lot of other things when shopping, so which brand is better when it comes to that?

The truth of the matter is, Asus and Toshiba are pretty much neck and neck when it comes to be reliability. No company really stands out about the other. When comparing Asus vs Toshiba laptops, obviously some of the more expensive models will be more reliable than the cheaper models. But if you are comparing similarly priced laptops from both companies, it is pretty even.

There are a number of reviews out there for people to check online as well. A lot of people think that you can be a little overwhelming to read all the different reviews, but what it will show is that reliability is above average, but nothing crazy. Sure, people are going to have some isolated incidents where something goes wrong as far as their laptop is concerned, but no company really stands out about the other.


A lot of people like to look for a laptop that really sticks out to them because of us good. Maybe it is not the most defining factor when it comes to shopping for a laptop, but it can sway person one way or another if everything else tied.

Most people say that design is a personal decision, but Toshiba seems to get higher marks for creativity. Asus has always had a reputation as being somewhat generic, and their focus has always been on performance over everything else. That is good for people who want performance, but if a person wants a new that looks good as well, they might be out of luck.

And there are other things that go into design as well. As far as layout is concerned, Toshiba continually wins that battle as well. Laptops need to be very conducive for the most part, and Asus really only excel with design when it comes to gaming laptops. Keep that in mind when shopping.


Both companies have done a very great job of making themselves as available as possible for shoppers who are looking for a new laptop. It is easier than ever to order a laptop, or to simply go into a store and buy one as well. Usually, they are going to be compared to a number of other brands out there, so keep that in mind.

Asus might actually be a little bit more available these days, simply because they have allowed themselves to be sold virtually anywhere. The person searches online, chances are they are going to find an Asus computer pop up before a lot of other options. That is just how things go these days, and Toshiba does not seem to be the same as far as aggressiveness is concerned. With that being said, both types of laptops are going to be found at a local Target or Walmart if a person looks.

Any other stand out features?

Toshiba and Asus have both put themselves firmly in the laptop battles, but they have not done anything to really stand out. There is no difference in operating system, no truly iconic design or even feature. Most people who are looking for an Asus or a Toshiba laptop are just going to be looking for something that can be dependable every single day. There is no sense to really pay for anything more, and they are willing to sacrifice maybe a few things here and there to just be happy with what they have.

If a person wants any type of specific ad on, there is always the option to buy something externally. Many people use some type of monitor if they are sitting around, or maybe they go with some other type of option to make the day a little bit more enjoyable. Laptops are sometimes hard to deal with, and everyone is going to be traveling around with them. Some just like the idea of having the ability to go around and move around with them, but they really are used without being plugged into the wall.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, there are going to be plenty of good options from Toshiba and Asus. The good news is that a person can do a lot of comparison shopping online to see exactly what fits into their personal situation.

If people looking for a slightly better, high end option, Asus is probably going to have more options that this year. They have done a number of things in the last few years to make sure that they offer premium models to people who are looking for them.

Toshiba is more of a working man’s computer, but they do have some options available for those people who want to spend as well. The good news is that Toshiba s slightly more inexpensive, so people are not going to have to spend a lot of money even if they are going with something that is relatively high end.

Make sure to do a lot of different comparisons before ultimately making a decision. It can be a bit overwhelming for some people when they first start out, but the good news is that it goes relatively quickly once a person decides on exactly what they need. No one should be trying to break the bank when they are shopping for a laptop from either one of these companies. It just does not make sense to put in that type of effort. Those people who want to get the best value would be pretty well off trying to shop either of these companies.

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