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If you are thinking about purchasing a Laptop, the two brands you will come to see in the market with a good reputation is the Asus and Lenovo laptops brand. While you must be contemplating to pick up a laptop soon, in reality, you will find many debates and options when it comes to Asus vs Lenovo laptops, and soon you will come across people advocating one brand over the other or proclaiming the better results of both laptops. For an average person with no technical background, it will become increasingly difficult for you to make a pick and with different opinions thrown at your way you will feel lost in making the selection. The laptop purchase is a big deal, and probably you want to own a brand that will give you the maximum performance and deliver as per your expectation. With this in mind, we are going to present some details that would help you to understand both brands of laptop and will help you in making an informed decision rather than what you heard from other people.

Asus vs Lenovo Laptops


Asus enjoys a good reputation in the market over its strength a feature that is one of the selling points of the manufacturers who also give some of the best warranties for the laptop, backing their claims of the top durability of the products. The users of the laptops also have praised the longevity of the computer. It is highly unlikely for the new notebook to break on you however in any such scenario the warranty covers all models of laptops and you will be safe knowing that the warranty will pay claims over incidents such as damages due to natural disasters, unforeseen accidents, manufacturing defects, or problems coming from third-party viruses. Asus will give varying types of warranties and durations for all kinds of the model, so you will find the warranty structure secure and reliable. Asus also begin to offer another active warranty programs for the laptop battery. The battery is one element of the laptop that gives the problem to users, so adding a warranty to this part shows the commitment of the manufacturers to provide excellent value to the users.

Lenovo brand has shown some issues when it comes to durability. The laptop is famous for many benefits it offers to the user, but the general comparisons show that when compared to the Asus brand, it falls a bit short on durability account. A recent survey on laptop performance and durability showed that the Lenovo laptops brand have a malfunction rate of 21.5% as compared to the 15.6% malfunction rate of Asus over three years. User reviews on Lenovo also reveal user taking the laptop to repairs in just a year of purchase. Some of the more frequent problems with Lenovo is with the laptop battery, something that comes under the warranty of the Asus brand. You have to be careful with your Lenovo laptop and handle it more carefully to avoid any malfunctions if you use the laptop carefully it will last for a long time. However, a comprehensive comparison shows Asus going more strong when it comes to the durability factor.

Value for Money

Asus will not overprice the laptops, and they have models available in the best rates in the market when you compare it with other brands. If you are looking for some of the most affordable laptops that give you access to some basic features that will be enough for a casual user, you will find some low-cost options with Asus. When it comes to this brand, you get what you buy. If you go for the models with all the latest features or a professional laptop, you will have to pay more, or if you are looking for a laptop computer for children or education purpose for students, you will get a more affordable option. The brand overall delivers excellent value for money.

Lenovo carries a higher price tag when compared to Asus. But to be fair, Lenovo is the more prominent and more famous brand of the two, and due to the edge, they have as a brand they can price the product above Asus. The price of Lenovo does not discourage the user from buying the product, especially those who favour a strong brand, and great features. The sales of Lenovo are frequent, that shows people acceptability of the product with the current prices. At the end of the day, if you get hold of a Lenovo brand and pay a premium, you will be satisfied with the product you purchased. With Lenovo, you often get discount deals and the brand offer sales on several occasions, so if you keep a check on such transactions, you may get a laptop and a good value. Overall while you may pay more for Lenovo, the product you get makes up for the price.

Features and Uses

Asus offers many features and is a great laptop to have if you want the right product at a reasonable price. Those people who are looking for a laptop that will help them with business will find these laptops a better option as these are portable laptop and easy to carry from one location to another. Even those users who are looking for a gaming pc will find the laptop a good deal as it is simple to bring and take to the friend’s place. While the laptops have a bigger screen, but the depth is slim, this makes it easy to slip the laptop in a briefcase and take it for formal presentations and meetings. The product becomes ideal for gamers who prefer big screen and equally good for business people who want something that would fit their briefcases of they can carry when they move to other places. Gamers will also appreciate the product carrying powerful graphics chipsets that makes gaming top-notch supporting the highest graphics and resolution features. Overall the features of the brand and hardware configuration make it a good machine for both formal and informal use; however, you may find some limitations if you buy the primary brands with limited software support.

Lenovo laptops may not have the screen size of the Asus brand; however, it is a versatile product that offers everything for all types of users. These brands provide a laptop that is slim and with standard screen size, it is even more comfortable to carry around by students and professionals. Lenovo laptops carry some of the best software and also give ensuite software like the Lenovo Teacher Tools and other software for students. Since these laptops are portable with more features to manage complex database and operations; they offer good value to business people who prefer powerful laptops with many features. Some good ones include the Lenovo Presentation Tools, and you can easily attach the laptops to the projector with the built-in HDMI connectors, something that is missing with the Asus model. A gamer will also find the model having good gaming options as the machine comes with powerful processors. All in all, the laptop is versatile and have something to offer to all users.

Which brand has an edge?

The overall comparison of the brand shows both are plenty close in all departments where certain features or aspect favour one brand over another. It depends on many factors, but in the end, the main thing is what the customer is looking for when making the purchase. If the user wants a product where they can get the best value for money and buy a product that offers all the features and is durable, Asus, wons as it provides excellent value. Not only they have a lower price tag, but these brands are sturdy and carry extended warranties. For an average user with no need to go for big brand labels or exclusive features, Asus should remain the top choice.

If you can spend a bit more and want a powerful machine with more features and of course a big brand name, Lenovo will be the pick for you. You will find more people siding with the Lenovo laptops, especially those who favour a stronger brand with more face value, especially if you want to resell it later. The top brands of Lenovo are available at all the big technology stores, and on average, you will come across more people carrying the Lenovo brand than the Asus laptops.

If you want to avail a good discount, keep a check on online sales and options available on different occasions. You can also make a good saving if you check the models carefully and select the brands according to your need. If you are still unsure which brand to buy shop around and check the different laptops and carefully analyze the strengths of each model. It is also a good idea to ask for recommendations from your family and friend who might be able to tell you a bit more about each brands according to their experiences with the laptop.

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