HP Vs Apple Laptops Comparison For 2020

apple and hp laptops

HP and Apple are some of the biggest and most stabilized laptop labels in the world. It is often challenging to select between the two brands if you are searching for a new laptop model. To help you make your choice here is a quick comparison between these two laptop giants – HP Vs Apple laptops.

apple and hp laptops

Price is always a significant factor when shopping. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider an HP laptop, as it is much cheaper than Apple laptops. It is not to imply that Apple computers are overpriced. They may not have the best price-to-specs-ratio, but they usually come with lots of unique features that make them worth your investment. They are also very reliable and durable, so it is still justified to spend a little more on an Apple laptop.

However, if you need a budget-friendly, simple, and powerful laptop model, HP laptops are the way to go. HP is also famous for its excellent customer support. They have a wide assortment of laptop models to select from. Apart from Apple having loads of one-of-a-kind features such as its gorgeous display and huge trackpad, the Mac OS on its own may prove your purchase. It is known that the multitasking performance on the Mac OS is better than other Windows-based systems with the same specs. Apple computers also score high in the ‘cool-factor’ section.

Apple Laptops

Apple Inc., an American multinational corporation, is one of the giant laptop companies. Apple uses incredible technologies and innovation in the manufacture of laptops and its electronics at large. With the innovation and integrated technology in her products, Apple has managed to control the market share, the primary objective of upcoming companies. This has been achieved through market research, which has resulted in the manufacturing of high quality, unique, and attractive products.  Best Apple Laptops here.

Besides manufacturing reliable laptops, they also renowned for manufacturing iPods and iPhones, which have stood a test to time. Today, a range of laptop brands is available in the market, but Apple laptop features have remained attractive to millions of people. Adding color options is something normal with Apple, which is the steering advantage, of course.

Why Apple Laptops?


Apple computers are easy to use with many trackpads using advanced gestural controls, which make computing intuitive and fun. The laptops power cord is incredible as it can unplug itself once accidentally stepped on. The laptop power saving is good as most users have confirmed. Be sure of fewer complications as a user, and as such, you do have to be a hacker to understand how the machine works.


The computers have a sleek appearance, an incredible design. For this reason, they are an ideal option for most users. It feels nice and sensational to carry an attractive, lightweight, elegant gadget made of the aluminum casing. Apple batteries are small but powerful. They are illuminated with fuel gauges and can for sure run the computer for more than five hours. During darkness, the laptop’s lighting will enable you to continue typing with no worries. The keyboard is backlit with light sensors for keyboard illumination automation. The screen brightness is unforgettable as it offers the best comfort when typing. The machines are manufactured in a variety of colors, therefore, giving the buyers the alternatives to pick from. As such, consumers can order online their customized color brands.

Advanced Features

The laptops are future proofs, reliable, and straightforward. They have advanced features such as Bluetooth wireless connections, stereo speakers, and DVD burners. They have powerful Intel Core processors meaning that they run very fast and achieve more results compared to the ancient processors. The processors are as well handy, meaning you can comfortably do video editing and gaming. Apple has wireless Wi-Fi receptions as they have wireless antennae, which aids the users’ aces the internet quickly by connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.

They have amazing video cameras used to take photos and shoot videos, which can be posted on podcasts and blogs or for personal use. Besides, the camera is powerful enough to be used to have video chatting and conferences. The machines have inbuilt apps that are enabling users to make podcasts, blogs, and websites. Apple laptops have surprising and powerful remote controls enabling users to run the machines from a considerable room distance. The machines are the best when it comes to watching movies, listening to music, and taking videos.

Here are some of the types of powerful Apple computers:

Apple MacBook Air – This is a regular 13-inch MacBook Pro machine with a 7th generation Core i5 processor. It has a colorful and bright 13-inch display and two Thunderbolt ports. The machine is affordable as it is available at $1,299. Its keyboard is a touch bar and quieter, especially in the new models. The machine batteries can last for about 10 hours. It has 2.3-GHz dual-core Intel Core i5. Has RAM of 8GB, SSD 128GB, weighs 3.02 pounds and has two Thunderbolt ports.

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch – These are widely used by video editors, programmers, photo editors and related demanding workload. This incredible machine battery can last for 10 hours, 20 minutes. Has wonderful graphics up to AMD Radeon 560by GPU. It has a 2.2GHz CPU six-core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, four thunderbolts three ports, weighs 4.02 pounds and 15 inches 2880 by 1800 pixels display.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch – This is an 8th generation machine with a Core i5 processor. The new model of 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is a beast as it comes with the fastest SSD. It is a Core i7CPU, 16GB, and 256GB SSD. Other features are four thunderbolts four ports, true tone display and weigh 3.03 pounds.

HP Laptops

Hewlett Packard is known worldwide for providing exceptional and technologically advanced laptops and desktops. Not only computers, even their peripheral devices, printers, and scanners, are also highly ranked. HP laptops are available along with various customized features, and the laptops fall in the category of high-end models with the most up-to-date features and configurations. There are also several accessories provided for business purposes. Every notebook is packed with Business Edition of Windows Vista and the other business-related software application. HP has proved itself as a reliable brand; their success is due to its size and impressive sales machine and also due to the quality of their products. Clients highly rate HP laptops. Furthermore, Hp laptops ought to be toward the top of your list if you are in purchasing mode.  Best HP Laptops here.

Here are different HP brand laptops.

OMEN: HP Gaming Laptop

These machines are built to give customers immersive experience while you are a starter or a pro. They have 16GB RAM, Core I7processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphics. They have FHD display with higher refresh rates that ensures customers experience seamless and smooth visual. They have single panel access to upgrade SSD, RAM, and HDD. Have Dragon Red Backlit Keyboard with 26 key rollover and advanced cooling technology that ensures the machines do not overheat.

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

With this incredible machine, your studies, work, and games are sorted. It is designed to multitask thus good for multi-gaming. They have powerful core processors that enable the laptop to run many applications at a time. With the NVIDIA GeForce Graphics, 144 Hz refresh rate and 8GB RAM you are assured of playing whichever games you are interested in. They have enough space to install your favorite games on the 1TB HDD. They have a Narrow Bezel display that has 4K and 3 USB ports meant to attach additional monitors and devices.

HP’s Envy 17

If you have to settle for less than HP’s Envy 17, then envy is something that you will experience. You can go from 0 to 60 with the Intel® Core i7-720QM processor with Turbo Boost Technology up to 2.80GHz. With its 750 GB (5200RPM) SATA hard drive, it provides ample space to store all of your media. The Complete HD HP Ultra Bright View Infinity LED Display (1920 x 1080) will boost your entertainment while on the move, providing excellent sound for music and gaming. Some other essential features include Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth, for your wireless connectivity and printing needs. It also comes with the built-in HP webcam and a remarkable weight of 7.51 pounds.

Apple Vs HP Laptop Conclusion

In summary, HP vs. Apple laptops provides unbeatable deals that suit every buyer needs and preferences. They both have high screen quality resolutions better for video editing and produce the highest picture quality; however; Apple beats HP in screen quality. Further, they have good storage capacities and RAM that enable to run several programs on your computer. These laptop brands have a RAM to up 16GB; hence, they are powerful when it comes to gaming and power usage. Their batteries are strong and durable; thus, they can last longer.

Besides, the two brands can be used for various functions depending on the user preference. It is up to the user to choose the features that support his/her functionality. They can be used by a college student, programmers, photo studios, musicians, graphic designers, among other functions. We have deliberated to give a detailed comparison of HP vs Apple laptops and highlighted some of their best brands in the market to help you decide on the machine that will serve you better. There is a need as such to read through and find a machine that will help you and worth your money. However, Apple Laptops may be a bit expensive; they are worth your cash and investment.

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