Asus Vs Samsung Laptops – Which Is Best For You In 2020?

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When you plan to buy a new laptop for the first time, or you are changing the machines, you will shop around and come with the options to select a computer from different brands. You will come across two brands, i.e., Asus and Samsung laptops. You will be contemplating on which brand to favor and what purchase would be a better fit for your need. When you buy a notebook, it is an investment, and you want a durable system that carries a reasonable price tag, have the features and specifications that you are looking for and has good processing speed. If you are a technical person, you have your work cut in short as you have the skills and qualification to assess all the different models and make an accurate purchase. However, if you are an average buyer or a businessperson or a gamer who has limited knowledge, you will struggle to pick a brand. You will come across many people in favor or against a particular brand, and making a choice can be tricky. Here we present an overview of Asus vs Samsung laptops so you could have the upper hand when looking for a model and purchasing from the dealer. Do not allow any dealer to persuade you in selecting a laptop; use the knowledge and information you gather to make a sound decision.

Asus vs Samsung Laptops

The ASUS Brand

asus laptops

Asus carries a good market reputation, not only the brand is durable, but the manufacturers back up their claims by offering some of the most extended warranties covering more components and applications than the other brands in the market. The users of the laptops also have appreciated the persistence of the machine. A new notebook is likely to last for a long time, and you will not run to the repair shop any time soon. However, if you do have problems, you should know that the company offer warranty for most types of malfunctions, including damages to the machine due to accidents, manufacturing faults, or viruses infiltration. When you purchase the laptops, you can check the warranty and the coverage you get for a particular model. Most brands do not give guarantee for batteries as they can present problems; however, Asus offer different warranty packages for the battery as well, which shows that the company is interested in satisfying the buyers.

Asus brand carries different models, and whether you want a premium laptop with more features and components or a basic model for your casual use or study or gaming purposes you will find the price range comparable to some of the best brands in the market. The brand does not overprice the products, and if you want a basic laptop, you will be glad to see some good option in the low-cost range of notebooks. You can expect to pay more if you want more features so in short, you pay for what you want. In general, the brand offers the best value for money.

Asus laptops are not flat when it comes to features. The machine comes with excellent processing power, applications, and components to meet the requirements of any level of user. The laptop is not heavy and is great for people in business who are on the go and want to carry their computers with them to make presentations and attend meetings. Likewise, people who use it for education or gaming will find the brand products easy to bring to the classroom or a friend’s place. The screen size for the Asus laptops is more prominent than most brands in the market, a feature that makes it ideal for the gamer as well as business people who work on the systems regularly. Most laptops offered by the brand comes with graphics chipsets to support all levels of high-resolution gaming. The software and hardware configuration makes the brand a good option for both business and casual use. One limitation is usually aligned to the lower end models as people have seen limited software support for the basic models.

The Samsung Brand

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The Samsung laptops have its fair share of criticism and rank lower than most brands in the market. Aside from The Notebook 9 Pro, that is one of the premium laptops in the Samsung brand, and people have shown disappointment at the lack of features and innovations the brand does not care for when launching the laptops. This lack of originality is more surprising, considering the Brands superiority in technology and innovation when it comes to their mobile phones productions.

You will likely find the customer support to be top-notch with the people eager to attend to your queries and help you out with technical problems. So when it comes to the support features, we can give Samsung an edge.

However, if you are looking for an impressive range of products, you will find the brand lacking to bring more options to the buyers. If you are looking for a particular machine for some specific functions, you may not find a Samsung laptop fitting the bill. You can easily see ten other brands with more options.

For some strange reason, the brand has not done much work when it comes to the design of the laptops. While other brands are launching sleek and stylish notebooks, Samsung presents to you the most ordinary looking notebook, lacking any style or catchy looks. However, if you are looking for a lightweight laptop and can look past the boring designs, you will find some good options that are easy to carry around.

When you compare Asus to Samsung, the Samsung brand fell short when it comes to warranties and product knowledge. Unlike Asus, the brand offers a basic cover of one year for the hardware, which includes the shipment. Apart from that if you are looking for any more warranties, you have to pay to buy the plan. This requirement of paying to claim extended coverage put off many users. If you happen to make your updates or add to the laptop, you may have trouble getting your claim. Users have also complained that although the support staff is cooperative, they lack the technical skills to address system problems and can stall the resolution claim unnecessarily.

The brand at least offers some value for money as they have some low to high-cost options when selecting the laptops. You can find the Notebook flash as one of the cheapest laptops that are good for students or people who want to use the product casually. In the midrange, you will find Notebook 5 good options, whereas the Galaxy Book 2, is the deluxe selection, which claims a 12-inch OLED layout and a built-in LTE link. You will feel the range to be limited, especially when you have so many other brands in the market with a more significant scale and more pricing selections.

Better Brand: Asus or Samsung

The most prominent production by the Samsung brand has been the Notebook 9 pro. It carries a stylish design, has decent features, and boost extended battery life. The price of Notebook 9 pro is also less than what you will find in the market if you get a laptop with the same features.

When compared to Samsung, the Asus brand has a definite edge. Asus is highly reliable, have competitive pricing, offer a range of products to meet the user need, and they have top-notch customer support service. If you are a gamer, you will always side with Asus as Samsung is far behind when it comes to the gaming arena.

Other features also make Asus the better option of the two. If you want to buy a machine that is known for its durability and longevity, Asus is the better option. Not only Samsung offers limited coverage; they also ask the user to pay for some additional warranties that you will get for free with the Asus laptops.

Design is another aspect you should consider. While the looks of the machine and the difference in style is a personal concern, but when it comes to these two brands, there is not any comparison. The Asus brand beats the Samsung brand by a long shot with a sleek, innovative, and colorful design, and this is one area most of the users have shown disappointment with when it comes to the Samsung notebooks.

If you prefer to buy a laptop that is most likely to meet all your requirements, then you should stick to the Asus models as you will find some machine according to your needs and you will be safe knowing the company offers you a good warranty and customer support over any issues.

If you want a simple machine with no requirements of the designs or extended feature and the main focus is on prices you will find some low-cost options of Samsung a reasonable choice. Also if can afford a premium brand with slightly better pricing, the Notebook 9 pro by Samsung is not a bad option.

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