How Do I Clean My HP Laptop Screen?

cleaning laptop screen

Today, more and more people use a laptop. While some folks utilize it for personal chores, others use laptops for business purposes. No matter the purpose of usage, it’s important to clean the whole computer to keep it in good condition. This is even more correct in the case of the screen that accumulates dirt and dust constantly. Many folks who use an HP laptop often wonder, “How do I clean my HP laptop screen?” If you’re one such individual, read below to get an answer to this question.

Tips to clean your HP laptop screen

Before you take a step towards cleaning, you should perform certain steps to avoid the risk of electric shocks. Firstly, turn off the computer. Additionally, unplug it from the power source. You may also want to remove the battery (if possible). As well as avoiding electrical shock injuries, all these steps will avoid any short circuit damage to the machine.

Laptop screens accumulate scratches and smudges all the time. To clean them, pick a non-abrasive towel or cloth. If you use an abrasive cloth or towel, it’ll cause scratches on the screen. Instead of cleaning the screen, you’ll end up causing multiple scratches that will only damage the laptop over time. Your drive to maintain a clean and sheen screen will quickly manifest into a nightmare due to a damaged display. So be mindful of this point when choosing the cloth.

With gentle movements, try to wipe out any dirt or dust from the LCD using a soft cloth. That should remove all dry dust particles. However, wet grime may still be present on the LCD. So how do you clean such dust and dirt? Many folks try to press the same dry soft cloth harder to get rid of the wet grime. In the process, they damage the LCD of their laptop.

A little haste turns out to be waste and results in a damaged LCD. Cleaning moist dirt requires an LCD cleaner. You can find such cleaners in the market. However, make certain that the cleaner you’re using doesn’t contain alcohol or flammable liquid. That will create fire when you turn on the machine.

Also, never pour the liquid cleaner directly on the LCD. The excess liquid will get into the system through the edges around the corners and damage the LCD panel. If this happens, your monitor won’t display anything. Take a note of these points when using LCD cleaners.

Once you know what kind of LCD cleaner to use and what should be avoided, it’s time to clean wet grime from your LCD. To do that, moisten the cloth or towel with the LCD cleaner. Make sure there isn’t too much liquid on the cloth. Now stroke the cloth gently across the LCD in one direction, starting from the top to the bottom.

Glass and plastic cleaners containing ammonia might leave a glare-causing film. So buy a computer monitor specific cleaner from a computer shop. Spray the cleaner onto the cloth or towel. Finally, wipe the screen with it. When you’ve finished cleaning, gently wipe a dry soft cloth on the screen to get rid of left-over residues.

Bottom line

Dust, pet hair, cigarette, and other particles accumulate on the screen. When this happens, they tend to form a dirty layer of dust/grime that could scratch and/or shorten the life of the hardware components by overheating the laptop components. Cleaning the complete machine, especially the screen extends its lifespan by getting rid of potential damages in the first place. However, you should be familiar with the cleaning task. If you lack information in this respect, follow the above steps, and you’ll never need to wonder, “How do I clean my HP laptop screen?”

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