Dell vs Apple Laptops – Two Laptop Giants In 2020

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All individuals desire to get all the best laptop for them. Due to this very fact, all people are unfailing in searching for a laptop brand with the best quality performance. However, seeking for products with the best quality requires a lot more time because of the numerous counts of products streaming in the market. This is a great way to educate yourself and discover what laptop computers are the best and most affordable for your needs.

Dell vs Apple Laptops Compared

Some of the popular brands of laptops include Dell, HP, Apple, Asus, Sony, and Toshiba. Almost all of these manufacturers offer great deals on new and refurbished laptop computers if you do your research for finding the best-rated laptops. When shopping for a laptop computer for whatever reasons, you need to consider things like its design, performance, tech support, software, and value. However, a more important thing to consider in choosing is regarding which one would best suit your personal needs.

Things like the type of operating system, its possible functions, and whether it has to be portable or not determine the type and brand of laptop that you should get. The existence of many manufacturers is good because it means stronger competition. An honest competition helps to create a perfect product; otherwise, the monopoly would eventually lead to the degradation of quality. Dell and Apple laptops rank among the leading information technology companies in the world. It is because their products are such a trusted option. Dell vs. Apple laptop, which is the best? Here is a comparison between the two.

Dell Laptops

dell laptops

Dell laptops have set the market on fire. This is due to the sophisticated and advanced technology most consumers see on laptops manufactured by Dell compared to other brands. This brand has demonstrated to be the most valuable and the best among all other brands in the industry. Dell is a brand name sufficient enough to let the public know that the products they purchase – laptops, notebooks, desktops, etc. – are durable and of high quality. Laptops manufactured by Dell enable you to efficiently cope up with your regular projects and assignments while enjoying music and games at the same time.

High-quality features

Dell makes it sure that the laptops they manufacture are equipped with high-quality features guarantee the consumers of a seamless process. They also offer a long list of available alternatives to be able to customize the laptop any way the consumer wants it. Nowadays, it is a standard for most laptops to have an internal wireless internet card to have the capacity to connect where there is a Wi-Fi spot, and Dell is one of the first companies to include this feature into their products. Other connectivity options available on laptops from Dell include an IEEE 1394 port, Firewire port, an S-Video port, and USB ports. There are some of their laptops brands that feature a Secure Digital Memory card slot as well.

Class and style

Since Dell has introduced several models of laptops, consumers might need to do a little research on what these laptops have to offer to be able to get a grasp of which might best suit their needs and budget. These laptops were created to make sure that it can provide stylish designs and superb performance to make the owner feel proud and satisfied. The speed of the laptops manufactured by Dell was designed to be able to keep up with the fast performance along with great portability. Apart from that, the most sought after feature of Dell laptops is multitasking. The latest laptops manufactured by Dell were aimed to meet the consumers’ class and style. These laptops have brighter and brilliant screen display and a speedy processor which adds up to its quality. These are what make Dell laptops more advantageous to buy.

Quality Batteries

The important aspect of purchasing a Dell battery is its longevity and quality. These batteries are specifically designed to meet certain quality, durability, and usability standard. If Dell states the battery should last three hours, then it will last three hours. Other brands cannot make that claim. Many times these brands may only last or the time that a Dell battery would last. Additionally, charge ability is essential. Dell batteries are created to charge up quickly and hold the charge. The other brands may take longer to charge or not hold the charge as long.

Latest Dell Laptops

These include Dell XPS 13 (9380), Dell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme Tablet, Dell Chromebook 3189 Education 2-in-1, Dell Latitude 7390 2-in-1, and many more.

Apple Laptops

apple laptops

American multinational corporation Apple Inc. is one of the successful companies of laptop. Apple is also one of the leading running manufactures, which is famous for its incredible products and innovative technologies. Since they have come up with new ideas, they have easily managed to become a successful business and have a high market share, which are the main objectives of almost all companies. Apple has been a company that has carried out great market research and later came up with its products, which were unique, attractive, and of high quality.

Besides their fascinating iPods, they have iPhones and reliable laptops which have always been very successful. Today, hundreds of models are available in the market, in which the latest additions are highly advanced and efficient. Apple laptops have always had features that draw millions of people. Adding color options seems like a natural switch. It is an added appeal that has its consumers lining up to purchase one. By adding features that other laptop manufacturers did not incorporate, Apple laptop has succeeded in the IT world and moved to the top of the ranks. And by continuing on the cutting edge of technology, Apple shows no signs of slipping yet.


Apple computers are easier to use. The trackpads use many advanced gestural controls that make computing fun and intuitive again. The power cord is more useful because it unplugs automatically if you accidentally trip over it. Even the power saving mechanisms is better. Most users, however, notice the usability of the operating system. With Apple, there is less complication; you don’t have to be a hacker to understand how it works.


They have this incredible design and sleek appearance, which makes them ideal for many people. Another great thing about Apple laptops are their interiors. Their thin designed-light weighted laptops have elegant aluminum casing with high-performance lithium-polymer batteries that are illuminated with fuel gauges which can provide up to five hours of productivity. Some of the laptops also have unique lighting that assists in typing in the dark. Its keyboard is backlit with ambient light sensors for automatic adjustment of keyboard illumination, and screen brightness offers the best comforts of typing. The freedom of choosing the color of the laptop is reflective of consumer freedom. That means allowing customers to customize their orders right from the website.

Advance features

These machines are well designed, “future proof,” reliable and straightforward and are available with advanced features like Bluetooth wireless connections, DVD burner, and stereo speakers. Nowadays, Apple laptops have is powered by the Intel Core Duo processor, which means that the laptops are able to operate faster and achieve more tasks than the previous generation’s processor. The processor also come in handy if you need to do video editing or gaming among many other things. For the Wi-Fi receptions, their laptops have a wireless antenna with which helps the users to quickly access the internet by connecting to any Wi-Fi hot spot.

The brand also comes with a small video camera which can be used for taking pictures and shooting videos. The videos and images can be posted on video blogs and podcasts. Apple Laptops comes with different applications for making podcasts, websites, and blogs. The camera can also be used to have full-screen video chatting and conferences or to chat online. Some of the brands also have an excellent remote control which can be used to run the computer from any corner of the room. It is useful when watching movies, videos and listening to music tracks, etc.

Latest Apple Laptops

These include 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, 15-inch MacBook Pro, iBook, PowerBook models, and many more.


There are many reasons why someone would require a laptop and among them the necessity for portability. In a world where time is moving increasingly faster, it is important to complete the everyday task that we frequently perform in front of a desktop computer, at any time of day and anywhere we might find ourselves. For this reason, laptops have become vital devices in our daily life. But because all of us have many desires, the laptops manufacturers struggle to find their place in the market by manufacturing various machines to meet specific consumer demands. As a result, we have on the market laptops intended for college students, game enthusiasts, business travelers, videographers, and even to exchange desktop computers. Compare Dell and Apple laptops and select the one that suits you. The choice is yours.

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