Samsung Vs Dell Laptops – 2020 Comparison

dell and samsung laptops

Technology is on the route of progress, and its amazing growth has offered the human race with incredible skills. Laptops are one of the main contributions of vast technology. They have diligently replaced the desktop computers, and now everybody wants to own a sleek and portable device which has immense capabilities. Samsung and Dell are well-known laptop brands. Both brands are very well respected by many people who are tech-savvy and love to buy their latest products. Samsung vs Dell laptops, each brand offers different pricing and different models, so ultimately, it comes down to a personal choice as to which brand will be the top laptop brand for you.

dell and samsung laptops

Samsung laptops

They are known for their versatility, functionality, and technology. One of the leading organizations in the world, Samsung produces some of the most popular products. From the wide variety of laptops, provided by Samsung, you can select one according to your demands. Samsung laptops can be classified according to the series, performance, and usage. There are Samsung laptops for daily usage, which are produced to manage play, work, or any other thing.

If you want a sturdy laptop with multimedia functionalities to meet all your entertainment requirements, you can buy Samsung laptops. With a top-notch processor and improved graphics, you can obtain these laptops is ranked among one of the highly reliable electronic gadgets to invest in. These laptops are made to be reliable and long-lasting. Samsung netbooks are sleek and lightweight and have a long memory life. With these netbooks, you can stay connected wherever you go. These laptops are designed with great craft and are available in different color choices.


The graphics processor comes with an HDMI port. This translates to capabilities of watching video files of high definition on the HDTV. The display is very bright and colorful. Playing games and watching movies on this laptop is a real pleasure. The performance of Samsung laptops is placed at a 70 score, and this translates to the ability of the laptop to work considerably well. Note that their laptops come with a powerful processor and a battery that lasts longer, giving the consumer a high level of convenience and a lightweight enough for consumers to carry around.


Some of Samsung laptops are produced using OLED Technology. OLED Technology is very new in the market. Nevertheless, the company has been collaborating with Samsung to improve the new technology. The OLED technology is here to enhance the performance and is taking Samsung to the next level. A new generation of 2-in-1 PCs offers the best of both worlds: a laptop that can detach its screen for a slate experience or fold flat for getting things done. Samsung is not left behind and has produced a variety of model with this feature.

The battery life is very good. The Samsung battery can work up to 7 hours. It is considered to be a very reliable and long battery life. This machine will become a real helper for you. You can watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music at real pleasure. Some of Samsung’s hard drives are roomy allows storing all necessary video, documents, photos, and audio files. The screen display is excellent and works well for those who have a huge amount of graphics works to carry and can also view and edit photos with no color loss.


Samsung manufactures a very experienced expert that it provides at very reasonable prices. Compared to other brands, Samsung produces the same products of the same quality, but at an affordable price. The Notebook 9 Pro Notebook Flash and Notebook 7 Spin offers excellent display, making texting and typing easier due to its Chiclets-style keyboard, and all are cheaper than what their competitors are pricing.

Best Samsung laptops

Samsung has a large selection of laptops, including Samsung Chromebook 3, Samsung Odyssey Notebook Samsung NP900X5T-K02US Samsung 13.3″ FHD TouchScreen 2 in 1 and many more.

Dell Laptops

Dell has maintained the standing of being the best laptop manufacturing company in the world. The popularity of its laptops has developed due to its internet connectivity and mobility. They manufacture personal computers and even other peripheral products. Dell offers a wide variety of products like Dell laptop cases, personal computers, Dell laptop parts, laptops, Dell laptop batteries, and more. Dell Laptops have three categories which have been designed to keep in mind the budget and the demands of the customers. Dell Inspiron is for the mid-range user, which blends functionality, portability, and style. Dell Vostro series is proposed at small and medium business users organizing work and entertainment. Dell XPS is made for gaming fans. Dell laptops are known for their dependability, value, and performance in a highly competitive market. Dell has been able to offer top featured laptops at the best affordable prices available.


Dell laptops are built and designed to offer the optimal computing experience. The covers are produced to be attractive, but strong enough to protect your laptop against the bumps along the way. The laptop has a robust and long-lasting exterior covering that helps the system from getting scratched or dented during daily use. The Dell laptop keypads are straightforward to operate input devices that are manufactured to be manageable but big enough to still type with comfort. Whether the size of the screen is 12 inches or 17 inches, each screen is created to give a cutting-edge picture with vibrant color and detail in any lighting environment.

Rich multimedia features well to supplement its robust performance. Dell’s focus on high-end design, the Adamo XPS is an innovative take on the super-thin laptop, it a good in term of keywords and get a good rating. Compare Dell laptops in term of key-feature, which one model is best at an affordable price from various online retailers. Dell laptops come with the best of components as they have been tested and retested and then have come to you and are hence trusted by people.

Dell also uses quality Intel processors for improved productivity and a wide variety of memory and a lot of other important options. This is to ensure that their laptops can work even beyond the customers’ expectations. Fine resolution and high speed are both provided as well for a more convenient and pleasurable working environment.

Dell laptops’ advanced graphics features allow consumers to experience the best resolution when it comes to visual effects and the opportunity of utilizing touch-screen technology also improves the current features of these laptops. With the use of a touch screen system, it will be a great support when completing tasks on the Dell laptop.

Another notable feature of these laptops from Dell is the long-life workability due to its great battery sets. These laptops also allow its user to work at any distant area as long as it can get connected through its wireless options. Through these connections, users can perform various tasks such as communicating and video conferencing through the microphone and integral webcam.

Because of their enhanced performances, Dell laptops are no doubt preferred by businessmen and IT professionals. Dell laptops also come in a variety of series which are tailor-made for different people with different preferences. It’s a long-term investment if you’re looking for a good business laptop with a lot of space.


Dell laptops have proved to be worthy and the best among all other laptop brands. Dell also uses high-quality Intel processors for increased productivity and a wide variety of memory and a lot of other vital benefits. Apart from that, laptops produced by Dell are so affordable, and so you can easily find one that will best satisfy your computing requirements and your budget as well.

Best Dell Laptops

Dell laptops come with the best of components as they have been tested and retested and then have come to you and are hence trusted by people. Dell keeps an eye on the quality feature in their laptops; they are making the laptops for different types of users such as Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1, Dell XPS 9570, Dell Precision M7530 to name a few. They come with all the latest features including webcam, fingerprint recognition, inbuilt modem, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, etc.


Dell is a reliable and durable laptop, priced in the mid-range. Dell may not be offering the cheapest laptop in the market, but you will get your money well worth it. Sturdiness definitively rings with Dell. Another main benefit that made their reputation in the first place is that if you are somewhat knowledgeable about laptops, you can order online your customized machine with precisely what you want on it (no more no less). On the other hand, Samsung laptops have been manufactured to provide a great experience of highly-developed and innovative technology and offer the user a new touch of elegance. Enjoy all the benefits of high-level technology and unmatched performance with Samsung solid laptop pieces. So, Samsung vs Dell laptops, which is the best? Well, the choice is yours.

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