Acer Vs Samsung Laptops – Which Is The Better Option?

acer and samsung laptops

If you are deciding to purchase a laptop, the choice is not as simple as it may appear to you are first. With so many brands out there, you have to study each brand before you make the purchase carefully. You also need to check the features of the laptop, the operating systems, and of course, your budget. When you have all research and information gathering in order, the likelihood of getting a computer that is a perfect fit for your requirements increases. However, if you do not study the options, you may end up getting a system that has fewer features, is not serving your purpose of purchase or will give you repeated problems in the long run.

acer and samsung laptops

When you search for brands, the two comparisons that you will come up with is Acer vs Samsung laptops. These brands are a good option for various reasons; however, there are pros and cons of both systems, and when you do an overall comparison, one brand takes the cake of being a better option. So if you are contemplating to buy an Acer laptop or a Samsung machine, the undermentioned comparison will make it easier for you to pick a computer.

Samsung vs Acer Laptops

Both these brands are popular where they offer some of the affordable laptops, that have smaller screen size and can come in as low as under $300. Acer and Samsung are both popular brands with a strong market presence. User prefers these laptops as they have affordable tags and have all the necessary features one would want in a good laptop. When you compare these two brands, you will find most of the pricing options and features to be similar. However, in a comparison, we will highlight the differences and conclude which brand is a better laptop.

The Design of Laptop

Both laptops have the same size display, and if you look closely at the dimensions, you will not be able to find many differences. However, the Samsung laptops is a bit thin and carry less weight as compared to the Acer laptop. The weight difference means that when it comes to portability, the Samsung laptop has more to offer. The fit and style of both brands are identical with similar interior and outer cover. However, Samsung designs look sleeker, when compared to the Acer laptops. However, the difference in design is not by much, and both brands have the same appeal when it comes to the design and structure.

Performance Parameters

Acer has more processing speed, and it comes off a winner when it comes to running the operating system and will work quicker than Samsung. While the pace of networks also plays a role in performance on the system but the Acer laptop with its dual-core processor offer for more speed and navigation.

Laptop Display

There is nothing exceptional to write about when it comes to the display of both brands. The screen size of both brands of laptops is 11.6 inch and offer a resolution of 1366×768. A slight difference is that with Samsung, you have the option to brighten the display slightly more. Acer, on the other hand, has marginally broader viewing turns. Both will be tough to use out-of-doors and still don’t have a solid color or variation levels. With the price of the laptops at the lower end, the display features are average at best.

Life of the Battery

Both brands offer laptops with similar dimensions as well as a standard battery pack. Where it seems that Samsung will last longer with a full battery as it requires low power to run, however on a comparison of both brands the Acer laptop lasts for over six hours with a full battery and the Samsung laptop last for a little over five hours. So if you want to pick a computer that will last a bit longer on the battery, you will find Acer a better option than the Samsung brand.

Keyboard Design

These are similar for both brands, and when you check the ease of use and functionality, you will not find much difference. A slight advantage goes to Samsung, which has a slightly wider spacing that people with large hands would appreciate. However, in the end, it is not one of the features that are a deciding factor in preferring one brand over another.


One of the features why both the systems are popular in the market is because they are not an expensive buy. The pricing can range from $250 to $500 and more, and in the same range, you will find both the Acer and Samsung laptops. You can also find some more discounts at the retail outlets making these laptops some of the cheapest options to go for especially if you are on a budget and don’t want to pay a lot for the computer. If you are looking to buy a laptop for simple use, your children’s education, or regular office work you will find the price of the laptops the top attraction to go for these brands. However, pricing is not the factor that you should take into account in the comparison as both Acer and Samsung prices are identical. You can reach out to the brand outlets and check the line of products as well as the price tags of both the Acer and Samsung model, and you will not find many differences in the price comparison.


Both the Samsung and Acer laptops have the same numbers of peripheral ports, and both carry a single USB 3.0, USB 2.0 a 3 in one card reader and an HDMI port. So the functions for the use of ports are the same. The only difference is the spread of these ports on the system. In Samsung, the USB and card reader placement is to the right and the HDMI and USB 3.0 port to the left. The configuration makes ACER layout more practical as its arrangement keeps the right-hand side more open, especially if you want to attach the external devices such as a mouse.

Acer and Samsung Features

The Acer laptops offer many features to the end user that can meet all the essential laptops need for any user. It carries a dual-core and quad-core processor, and the display supports HD functions for all the laptops, even those machines that are in the lowest range. The model gives backlights and works in compatibility with LED screens. The laptops by Acer are nothing to write about when we look at the size of the machine as it is mostly the same size, however, the Swift 7 laptop by Acer is one of the thinnest laptops you can find in the same price range. Acer also has an edge when it comes to gaming as it has some specific consoles that are for true game-lovers such as the Predator laptop. These are some options that give Acer better market visibility and appreciation from the laptop users who are looking for dedicated machines for work, casual use, or for playing games.

Although the Samsung models are portable but overall, Acer has better models, with superior battery life. While most of the features are identical, there are slight advantages that Acer has throughout the comparison. If you are considering which brand to select and have the same budget for both the laptops, you will find Acer a more popular brand. Also, Acer has been in the industry longer offering more reliable warranties and is an overall better name then Samsung. While the Samsung laptops are pushing in the laptop market, but they are not getting the same endorsement as you commonly see with the Samsung cell phone and the Samsung tablets brand.

In the latest laptop ratings, Samsung laptops are not scoring well and can is at the bottom of the list. The company is struggling to offer anything that makes it stand out and lacks in innovation when it comes to the design and functionality of the laptop. With the standard laptops, they cannot seem to find the footing to set out as a better brand when compared to better names like Acer.

Acer ranks much higher than Samsung and is working towards innovations such as the launch of Acer Swift 7 release in 2019. The focus of the brand to offer laptop dedicated to different uses and the popular gaming laptops, you can find a more reliable laptop in any budget. Where the company needs some work in the design of the laptops, but it still stands out as a superior option when compared to Samsung. With almost the same price tags with most basic models and the opportunity to carry a dedicated machine for more uses such as gameplay, academics, and other purposes, the users have shown more inclination towards the Acer laptops. With a direct comparison, the Acer brand enjoys a better reputation and ranks way higher when you put both the Samsung and the Acer brand side by side and decide to pick the better laptop.

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