PUBG Arrives on Google Stadia, Free For Pro Subscribers

Google Stadia

Good news for PUBG fans, the massively successful battle royale game has finally arrived on Google Stadia, free of charge for all Stadia pro subscribers. 

According to, PUBG has finally arrived on Google Stadia. PUBG, short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a massively popular battle royal game. Typically the game costs $29.99 (standard base price), but for Stadia Pro members, the game will be completely free! Pro members will also receive PUBG’s new season pass, cleverly entitled Cold Front. Stadia Free members will be required to pay the $29.99 should they choose to play on the Google Stadia, and $39.99 should they opt for the season pass as well. 

The Google Stadia will also support cross-play for PUBG. This means you can play against your friends regardless of the console they own and play on. Google has also announced the Stadia will support instant click play, which basically entails the player clicking on a game link and being instantly launched into a game. 

The announcement of PUBG’s arrival is simply one gem among a basket of many. Google went on to say that the Stadia will support Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, FIFA, and Madden NFL. They intend to do so through their brand new partnership with EA. Although there are no exact release dates, the various titles mentioned will hit the Stadia sometime in late 2020. 

To top everything off, Google concluded their announcement with the unveiling of their plans for Crayta. Powered by Unreal Editor 4, Crayta is set to be one of the most comprehensive and detailed collaboration games to ever hit the market. It’ll be exclusive to the Stadia, and will be free for all Stadia Pro members. 

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For the Stadia Pro members out there, do keep in mind that the current set of Stadia Pro games are SteamWorld HeistThe Turing Test, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War