Playstation 5 Technical Specifications Revealed By Sony

Playstation 5

Sony has revealed all of the technical specifications regarding their new Playstation 5 on Wednesday. Featuring a new controller and 8K gaming. 

According to CNN Business, Sony has unveiled all of the technical specifications with respect to their new Playstation 5. The new console will feature 3D audio and maintain support for up to 100 PS4 titles. 

A blog post written by Sony informed the world that as of now, they have a catalogue of about 100 games that will be supported. However, that catalogue is expected to grow as they are currently testing more games, and are adding those who pass. There are reportedly about 4,000 PS4 games on the market, and Sony is going to add as many as they can. 

Sony’s new console will have SSD storage, which will in turn shorten all loading times. It will also have an enhanced graphics chip, ray tracing support, and support for 4K gaming. Sony has also said that their new console will support 8K gaming, however, 8K games themselves are still not yet successful. When they do become successful, the PS5 will be ready. 

The 3D audio found in the PS5 is reportedly going to benefit gamers. Game players already rely on sound to pinpoint where enemies are. This 3D audio will make that process a lot easier. 

Sony unveiled the technical specifications of their new console just days after Microsoft did the same. The Microsoft Series X and the PS5 are both set to be released during the upcoming holiday season. 

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Sony has also mentioned that their PS5 will come with brand new controllers. Support for PS4 controllers has not yet been discussed.