Depth-Scanner To Be Built-In To New Apple iPads

Apple iPad

Among the list of new features headed towards Apple’s iPad is the depth-scanner. Built right into the device, and is powered by intricate laser work.

According to BBC News, the new Apple iPad Pro will feature a Lidar scanner that enables the device to depth-scan. The device will do so by registering objects and shapes in its surrounding environment.

The announcement was made through a subtle press release, which took many analysts by surprise. CSS Insight’s Ben Wood commented saying usually Apple releases products of this magnitude with a lot of fanfare. It’s unusual but somewhat expected in the age of COVID-19. Mr. Wood went on to say that the new iPad Pro’s camera is likely to be the best camera the world has ever seen on a tablet of this stature. Also suggesting that augmented reality, or AR for short, is going to be a hot topic with consumers because of this vast improvement.

The technology is likely going to be used for measurement and other tool applications on the new iPad Pro.

Apple Laptops to receive better keyboards.

According to Apple, the new iPad Pro will come in an 11-inch version and a 12.9-inch version. They will cost $799 and $999 respectively (both are starting prices, of course).

Alongside their depth-scanner announcement was an announcement regarding their new Magic Keyboard. The device is a detachable, wireless keyboard that will cost $299 when paired with the 11-inch tablet, and $349 when paired with the 12.9-inch tablet. It’s important to note that a few decent tablets on the market cost less than the new iPad Pro’s keyboard alone. Mr. Wood chimed in saying that Apple is able to do this successfully because they maintain a unique and advantageous position in the market.