Both MacBook Pros and Airs to Receive Better Keyboards

Macbook Pro

Both the Pro line and Air line of MacBooks is set to receive better keyboards following the news last year that their older keyboards were flawed. 

According to CNET, Apple is planning on releasing both the new MacBook Pro and Air with brand new keyboards. The keyboards are reportedly the same as the one added to the MacBook Pro last year. The new keyboards are a result of the flawed design released on the previous generations lineup. 

MacRumors just recently released a report made by Ming-Chi Kuo, an Analyst from Apple, that states the updates to both the Pro and Air models will be coming soon. Kuo went on to say that the new keyboards are most likely going to use the scissor design (otherwise known as a more tradition keyboard design). The flawed design that previous Apple devices showcased was called the butterfly design, and for obvious reasons, it was not received well by consumers. 

For customers who aren’t planning on buying a new MacBook, Apple is continuing on with it’s free replacement program. If you have a MacBook with the flawed keyboard, Apple will replace it for free. 

As for the new MacBooks’ specs, we’re expecting a 14 inch model for the MacBook Pro, which is a 1 inch increase from the typical 13 inches. The specification was released in the report written by Kuo. Kuo did go on to say that the production of these new MacBook models will not be delayed by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.