Best Laptop For Writers 2020

best laptop for writers

What is the best laptop for writers? Let’s be honest, writers are the type of people who get lost in what they’re doing. A fiction author delves so far into their story that they essentially become a part of it. An academic is so focused on the intricacy and information going into their work that they don’t necessarily even realize what’s going on with their laptop. To clarify what I mean by this, writer’s laptop is essentially an extension of themself. There isn’t always time to be fumbling with features and functions that clutter up the writer’s workspace. Not to mention keyboards and other peripherals need to be easy to use and not distracting. 

For a writer, distraction is the enemy. They want devices that take no effort to use, that are fast, and get the job done right. With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a top seven list of the best laptops for writers. Hopefully, you’ll find one that suits your particular fancy, but if not, don’t be afraid to take certain elements from each laptop on this list and look forward to certain combinations in mind. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Recommended Laptops For Writers:

Lenovo IdeaPad HD 15.6 Inch Laptop



  • 15.6 Inch Screen
  • Onboard SSD
  • Perfect for Keybinds
  • Under $300


  • Bulky

Lenovo’s newest IdeaPad is a highly dynamic and flexible unit at an outrageously affordable price. Featuring an onboard SSD, a processor speed of 3.10 GHz, and Bluetooth functionality, this computer is the exact type of unit you’d need to ensure ease of use.

This particular laptop has a 15.6-inch screen, meaning it’s big enough for two panes to be open at once. Ideal for writers looking for outside motivation or research. The keyboard, on the other hand, is also fairly large and features a full keypad on the right-hand side. Perfect for quick use and keybinds. Particularly keybinds that allow the user to switch back and forth between resources efficiently. What’s most important about having a large keyboard size is that many people develop muscle memory tendencies for specific keyboard sizes.

Smaller keyboards tend to restrict the movement of the fingers, whereas larger keyboards enable ease of use and, as mentioned, muscle memory tendencies. Pricing in at under $300, this unit is perfect for writers on a budget. Do keep in mind, however, that since this is a large laptop, it may not be ideal for out and about use.

New Apple MacBook Air



  • Light
  • Fast
  • Great Design
  • It's Apple


  • Pricey

Today’s modern Apple laptops are built for ease of use and are arguably far less complicated than their Microsoft counterparts. Not to mention they’ve always been fast and virtually immune to viruses. In regards to writers, this laptop may not be as big as the Lenovo, but it’s incredibly lightweight and portable, and the battery is guaranteed to last the majority of the day.

Do keep in mind that MacBooks are incredibly functional in terms of pairing up with mobile devices. Writers who are on their phones a lot, whether for research or over the phone interviews, will be able to connect their devices wirelessly far easier than other types of laptops. As for this particular unit’s specifications, you can expect a processing speed of about 1.6 GHz. However, if you need a beefier processing speed,

Apple offers Turbo mode on their higher trim models. This Turbo mode boasts a processing speed of about 3.9 GHz, which should be plenty for most writers. Keep in mind this is definitely a pricey choice, but we believe that when considering all of the fantastic features it showcases, it’s well worth it.

Microsoft Surface Book 2



  • Processing Speed of 3.5 GHz
  • 13.5 In. Display
  • 17 Hours Of Battery Life


  • Surface Pen Not Included

This laptop stands out among the rest simply because of its design. This particular unit is a tablet and laptop all in one, offering different modes for every scenario. Often writers tend to work in coffee shops or restaurants, and tablet mode tends to be ideal.

There isn’t always a desk readily available, and being able to type or even write using a dedicated Bluetooth pen tends to be extraordinarily valuable. Microsoft’s Surface Book has a 13 and a half-inch screen, which is on the smaller end for a laptop, but the large end for tablets.

What most people find surprising about this tablet and laptop mix is that it has a processing speed of 3.5 GHz, meaning it can run just about anything. With an average battery life of almost 17 hours, this device is perfect for writers who are on the go and appreciate the added benefits of tablet mode.

New Apple MacBook Pro



  • Quad-core 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 Processor
  • Brilliant Retina Display with True Tone technology
  • Ultrafast SSD
  • Up To 10 Hours of Battery Life
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID


  • Price

With a processing speed of up to 2.5 GHz and a dedicated Solid State Drive is known to be incredibly fast and efficient, Apple’s MacBook Pro is a wonderful addition to this list. Writers tend to need high-performance units.

Any smidgen of lag or delay ruins focus, and whether or not you’re writing fiction or academia, focus is a must. Alongside the high-performance hardware, this laptop promises over 10 hours of battery life. The ability to work without worrying about a dead battery is important, but perhaps what’s more important is mobility. This particular unit comes in two sizes, a 13 inch and a 15-inch model.

The 13-inch model is the more mobile of the two and weighs in at a simple 3 pounds. Perfect for keeping in a book bag or a laptop case. Unfortunately, Apple’s MacBook Pro prices in at around fourteen hundred dollars, making it one of the most expensive options on this list. However, we do think that the performance and quality that this unit promises, justifies the price. Overall a very good choice for writers willing to spend a few more dollars.

Lenovo ThinkPad T470S



  • Intel Dual Core i5-6200U
  • 8GB RAM,
  • 256GB SSD
  • Fingerprint Reader


  • No Keyboard Backlight

Lenovo’s ThinkPad has been popular for commercial and personal use for years for a good reason. 8 GB of dedicated RAM, an SSD, and top of the line memory and hard drive systems, this unit is powerful.

 For beginners and expert writers alike, the power level is more than enough to get the job done. Write your heart out with ease and no distraction. With a processing speed of up to 2.8 GHz, you won’t have to worry about slow loading times or an operating system that freezes more often than it runs. Lenovo has created a piece of technology made for working. It’s light, portable, and comes in several trim levels.

This particular unit has a broad range of price options. For the lower-end trim levels, you can expect prices to be around six hundred dollars. For the higher-end models, around nine hundred. Either way, the Lenovo is a fantastic addition to this mix and is certainly on the cheaper end of this list.

New Microsoft Surface Laptop 3



  • Clean, Elegant design
  • USB-C, USB-A Ports
  • 11.5 Hours Of Battery Life


  • The Most Expensive Option

Microsoft has always been known to make great products at reasonable prices, and this particular product is no different. The price averages out at about thirteen hundred dollars, but considering what you get, the price is worth it.

Microsoft’s Surface 3 comes in a variety of different hardware models. Regarding its style, you can either choose Single or a Laptop and Drive combination. As for a processor, you have the choice between AMD’s Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, as well as the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors.

The laptop’s dedicated RAM has a range between 8 GB and 16GB and up to a TB of storage. To top it all of you have a variety of colours to choose from and can expect the following features to come standard.

Dell HD Premium Laptop



  • Intel Core i7-7500U Processor
  • 15.6-inch HD Display
  • 720P Webcam


  • No Optical Drive

Last but not least on our humble list is Dell’s HD Premium 15.6 inch laptop. Dell has always been known to make reliable products, and this product stays the course. With a whopping 3.5 GHz processing speed and a terabyte of storage, you cannot go wrong in the power and memory departments.

The unit comes with an LED-backlit display, all the ports you’ll ever need, and Bluetooth functionality. This product is one of the cheaper additions to our list, pricing in at just under seven hundred and thirty dollars. Where the dell is lacking in features and functionality, it makes up for with reliability. Writers need a good reliable laptop that won’t let them down.

After all, a laptop is like a writer’s office. It needs to be organized, easy to maneuver, and downright trustworthy.

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Best Laptop For Writers - Conclusion

We hope this list of the 7 best laptops for writers helped you out. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, worry not, for new technology is always being released. Updates are always being made, and advancement only moves forward. Stay tuned for more information on the best laptops for writers in today’s modern-day and age.

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