Apple is Fined Over A Billion Dollars by France


To make things so much worse for Apple during this Covid-19 pandemic, they are being fined by the French government for violations of antitrust. 

According to CNN Business, Apple has been fined by the government of France for violations pertaining to antitrust. The fine is of 1.2 billion US dollars, and is a heavy blow considering the majority of their stores have closed across the world. The fine, according to analysts, is the biggest ever subject upon a violator in France’s history. According to French authorities, the fine is a result of Apple putting various restrictions in their wholesaler contracts. In doing so, they reduced competition for themselves, and sent the competitors plunging. None of Apple’s competitors were able to offer special deals or anything of the sort.

This particular fine is a result of a complaint made by, an Apple reseller that is now no longer up and running. According to Apple, the decision to find the tech giant was “disheartening”. Apple officials went on to say that the decision would be appealed.

This is the second time Apple has been fined by France this year alone. In mid to late February, France levied a fine of $28 million against the company for intentionally slowing down older generation Apple products in order to increase sales of newer devices.

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So far there has been no news pertaining to the tech giant’s appeal.