No High-End Desktop Intel Processors To Be Released This Year


As of now it looks as though Intel will not be releasing any high end processors this year. The news comes following the release of the Intel Roadmap.

According to Tom’s Hardware, it is unlikely that Intel will be releasing any more high end processors in 2020. The news follows the release of Intel’s new Roadmap, which was introduced a few days ago in Asia at a virtual event. The presentation that unveiled their roadmap was titled “Gaming and Creators: How to Win Enthusiasts”.

Intel released the LGA2066 socket back in 2017. This particular socket has been responsible for housing the four generations of high-end desktop processors that were released afterwards. Many have come to believe that this socket is actually taking its last steps, meaning a new generation of HEDT processor may be too much for it. Most analysts agree that a new and improved socket would be required in order to successfully release a new HEDT chip.

As of now, Intel is being represented throughout the HEDT market by the Cascade Lake-X family. Unfortunately this representation has fallen short as of late, as AMD’s various products outrank Intel in both the quality and quantity departments. Intel has been holding steady at anywhere from 10 to 18 cores, whereas AMD has been holding steady at 24, all the while pushing towards 64 for the more hefty models.

Unfortunately for Intel, AMD is not just ahead in terms of cores, but in lithography as well. As of now Intel is still maintaining course on the 14nm node, whereas AMD and their latest high-end desktop processors have all moved towards 7nm nodes. Again, most analysts agree that a 14nm refresh would be anything but successful.

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The 14nm manufacturing process, conducted by Intel, is definitely on its last legs when taking scalability into account. Despite the fact that clock speeds are continually being pushed, the resulting amount of cores is leaving much to be desired. Not to mention the 10th Generation Comet Lake-S processors have undoubtedly signalled the fall of the 14nm manufacturing process.