Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Twitter back Project Protect

Microsoft Facebook

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Twitter are all backing Project Protect, a five step initiative intent upon stopping rampant online child abuse.

According to CNET, the Technology Coalition has enacted a plan intent upon stopping rampant online child abuse. The plan is a five step process, and is being supported by tech giants Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple.

Founded back in 2006, the Technology Coalition regularly funds protocols and initiatives with the goal of protecting children worldwide. Aside from funding, the coalition also regularly provides advice to large parts of the tech industry and assists in the creation of safety tools pertaining to child abuse.

In a statement released on Thursday, a spokesperson for the coalition said that what they do on a daily basis is no longer enough. The technological realm has exploded and is continuing to increase in significance at an unprecedented rate. There are far too many ways for children to be abused and exploited through said technological realm, and because of that, a new and improved plan was needed.

Project Protect has five main parts, or in other words, five pillars. The first pillar entails the funding of online safety tools. The second is holding regular forums like meetings at a government level. The third is all about enabling and funding research at an independent level. The fourth is about communication and coordination, and the fifth is maximizing responsibilities and accountability.

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Each tech giant has promised to put millions into Project Protect.