iOS 13.5 Supports New and Improved Unlock Systems


Apple’s newly released iOS system, 13.5, will support new and improved unlock systems that make it easier to unlock your phone while wearing a face mask.

According to The Verge, Apple’s new iOS operating system will include several features directly aimed at combating COVID-19. The first of which is a face identification system that can be used while wearing a medical mask. Second is the release of an exposure tracking and notification system developed by both Google and Apple. The feature is in its first phase. 

Apple’s current operating system has a face identification system that takes priority to the simple passcode system. Because of this, you can’t access the passcode right away, which made it very hard for people to unlock their phones while wearing a mask. As health officials are promoting the usage of face masks, Apple has gone ahead and modified this system so people don’t have to take off their face masks to unlock their phones. Instead, Apple has released a feature which allows you to swipe up and immediately access your passcode. 

The new operating system also includes an exposure tracking and notification system that’s designed to let you know when you’ve come in contact with someone who’s had COVID-19. The system will not be active, however, as you still need to download an app which will actually enable the tracking. Since this is the first phase, you need the app to take part. However, in future phases, third party apps will not be required as the operating system will do the work for them. 

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Last but not least, iOS 13.5 has introduced the option to change whether or not FaceTime call windows change size automatically.