Huawei Declares a Disruption of its 5G Rollout a Disservice


Huawei declares any disruption in their involvement with the rollout of 5G a disservice to the UK as rebellion stirs among the Conservative party. 

According to BBC News, Huawei was approved to aid in the rollout of 5G in the UK, but was given a limited role. The decision was made in January, but now, several months later, the approval Huawei received seems to be on its last legs. Due to a growing rebellion within the conservative party, it is now beginning to look like the decision will be overturned. Despite the fact that Huawei claims to be aiding communication and keeping the whole of the UK connected through the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government may revoke their role entirely. 

Victor Zhang, chief for the United Kingdom of Huawei wrote to the government saying that Huawei plays an essential role in keeping everyone connected. He goes on to cite that telecom system use has increased by nearly 50% since the virus first arrived. According to Zhang, Huawei has been working with EE, Vodafone and other large corporations in order to deal with growing demands. They have also reportedly set up and have begun to use several new warehouses in the United Kingdom. 

Because the UK is struggling to keep up with the ever growing digital demand, Zhang claims revoking Huawei’s role in the rollout of 5G would be a mistake and a disservice to the UK.

As of now Huawei is limited to periphery regions of the UK, as these regions are deemed to be the least sensitive. Huawei is banned from all other regions. The bans and possible revoking of the decision made in January is largely due to fears that the tech company is being used by Beijing as a spy tool. 

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Many believe that the growing rebellion within the conservative party is not only due to Huawei’s possible role as a spy for Beijing, but because of possible COVID-19 mishandlings by China. 

Huawei released their letter to the UK government following Boris Johnson’s release from hospital.