How To Measure Laptop Size?

measure laptop

Having a laptop does not necessarily mean that you know everything about the machine. While you may be aware of many software and hardware details or at least see a technician or two where you can take any query related to software program problems or hardware malfunctions, there are many other things that you might come across and it does not mean you have to go around looking for experts to solve the issues. There are many such issues, and one of the common problems that most laptop owners face is the question of how to measure laptop size. While the laptop size specification question may seem simple, surprisingly most people are clueless on correctly measuring the size of a laptop. This simple detail can have many consequences when you are purchasing a laptop bag online or are ordering a desk for your notebook, and you have to give your laptop size.

measure laptop

If you rely on guesswork, there is no telling what size you think when it comes to the dimension of your notebook. Here is a simple guide that will help you in measuring the size of your laptop.

How to Measure Laptop Size?

First, measure the height of the laptop. You do not have to get the accurate measurements; however, you can only afford a slight variation in size if you are ordering a laptop bag. The standard laptops have a height of 10.1, 11.6 and can go up to 17.3 inches. While measuring the height of the system, close the computer and measure from the top to the bottom lid. You can use a standard measuring tape for this purpose. For further accuracy, add 1 inch to this number to make sure your laptop is closet to the accurate size. While measuring the height, play close attention on the proper placement of the measuring tape.

After the height, the second part is for you to measure the width of the laptop. You need to get this right as when you order a bag, and you may get a container that is too broad or narrow if you don’t have the right dimensions. Again close the lid of the laptop and start your measurement starting from the right side to the left side. You can add one inch to your measurements so that you can have the nearest accuracy in measurements. It is a good idea to have some help around while doing this measurement as the second person can also keep an eye on the measure.

Most people are unaware that when you take the size of the laptop, you must also record its depth. Close the system and note down the measurements starting from the top of the left corner at the back and take it to the bottom of the same left cornering. You can add about one half of an inch to your measurement to get to the closest accuracy. If you have a laptop that comes in a hard-shell casing, you should take the depth measurement along with the shell, if you are planning to buy a carrier.

Those as mentioned above is the most straightforward way through which you will get the overall measurement of your laptop — so no need to rely on any guess-work and do the actual size measurements. If you stall the measuring of your system and do not have an accurate measurement with you ahead of time, you may order a wrong carrier, or give guess measurements when you need to provide these details. So follow the simple steps and know exactly about the size of your laptop.

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