Animal Crossing and The Switch Become Quarantine Favourites

Animal Crossing

As the battle between quarantine and COVID-19 rages on, the Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing have become bestsellers. Time to find out why. 

According to CNN Business, both the Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing have become bestsellers all over North America. Multiple mainstream websites selling the Switch and Animal Crossing have been sold out. Nintendo sold over 5 million digital copies of Animal Crossing in March alone. As the demand for these products rises, a lot of people are asking why. Why are people flocking to this game and not others? Time to find out! 

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” is Nintendo’s brand new game. Players are essentially set up on a beautiful island in which players grow crops, interact with animals, and sell their yield. The game even has its own stock market, as users are able to coordinate their sales efforts and actually coordinate their production costs with other players. 

The United States saw Animal Crossing as their number one game sold all over the country in March. Mat Piscatella, an executive director from Nielsen’s Superdata states that the amount of digital Animal Crossing games sold broke the record for how many times a game can be sold in a single month. 

So now that we know what Animal Crossing is, and how well it’s doing, it’s time to move on to why its success rate is so high. First of all, the game is attracting users that simply have never played video games before, or simply have not liked to. Take Stephanie Cheng for example. She’s a 27 year old working for a tech startup in San Francisco as a software engineer. Stephanie claims to have always disliked video games. Her boyfriend works in the gaming industry and plays them a lot, but whenever she would join him, she simply didn’t have any fun. That all changed when her boyfriend brought home Animal Crossing. She joined him and absolutely adored the game. 

According to a Wedbush analyst named Michael Pachter, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for those of all ages. It essentially acts as a safe haven for everyone who uses it, and since anyone of any age can use it (due to its fantastic user experience and simple gameplay), the idea has caught on. Especially since Animal Crossing is not the only game you can play on the Switch. Mario Kart and other large name games are a huge success as well. You can even play the world’s most popular MOBA (or battle royale), Fortnite. 

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A lot of people are asking about the Xbox and Playstation and why they’re not doing as well. Most analysts agree that both are targeted towards gamers who can handle sharper learning curves, which rules out the very young and anyone not in the “gaming loop”. The Nintendo Switch has outsold all other mainstream consoles on the market right now. However, both the Playstation and the Xbox are expected to have new and improved units on the market as soon as December 2020.