Best MMO Mouse – A Review Of The Industry Leading Top 8

best mmo mouse

In the same way that marathon runners require a great pair of shoes to run in, those that are into massively multiplayer online (MMO) video games need an exceptional mouse to play them with. Having the best MMO mouse can turn an unenjoyable experience into an enjoyable one. The best MMO mouse will also enable you to play in a way that gives you an edge on your competition. Using a Razer mouse, Corsair gaming mouse, or any other type of gaming mouse with side buttons will provide you with a considerable advantage compared to a regular mouse that someone would use in the office. MMO mice typically have programmable buttons on them that act as shortcuts to whatever you set that button to. So, if you're playing an MMO and repeatedly reach for the keyboard to cast a spell, the best MMO mouse can easily be programmed to a button on an MMO gaming mouse for quick castability. If you want to take your MMO gaming to the next level, then picking up the best MMO gaming mouse will go a long way in ensuring your World of Warcraft character will be better off.

There are specific criteria to keep in mind when researching all of the different types of mice, and the best MMO mouse that will work for you. The first and most obvious factor is if you're going to be playing with an MMO mouse left-handed or right-handed. Once you've determined that, then you need to consider if you want to go with a wireless mouse or stick with the standard wired. Some people like wireless ones to eliminate the extra clutter that a wire can sometimes create, but one drawback to a wireless mouse is that if you're in the middle of a raid in World of Warcraft and the battery dies, then so will your character. You'll then want to consider if you want the best MMO mouse with side buttons and the ability to customize those buttons. Next, the best MMO mouse is one that will have the best speed and accuracy when you are gaming. You don't want to be fighting against your mouse when you need to move your character in each and every direction through areas in the game. The fit and feel of the best MMO mouse should also be comfortable in your hand is easy to maneuver, and each button should click nicely. Lastly, the price point of the best MMO mouse should fit into your budget. The best MMO gaming mouse on the market can cost a pretty penny, but you can also find the best gaming mouse for under 50 bucks if you research the market

Product Table

Product Name



Special Feature


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4.5 / 5 Stars

18 Side Buttons


4.5 / 5 Stars

16400 DPI


4.5 / 5 Stars



4.5 / 5 Stars



4 / 5 Stars



4.5 / 5 Stars

High Execution


4 / 5 Stars

Short / Wide Style


4.5 / 5 Stars


Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse - On a Budget - $

Not everyone in the world has the budget to go out and spend $200 on a premium best MMO mouse to play MMO games on. But, sometimes, if you look hard enough, you will find the best MMO mouse for you that feels like premium quality without sacrificing that much money. The Redragon M901 wired gaming mouse is a budget-friendly MMO gaming mouse that has a precise sensor in it to ensure high accuracy. The responsiveness that's offered by this mouse makes it feel like a premium level best MMO mouse. It is rated at 12400 DPI, and also has 18 buttons on the side of it that can all be programmed.

If you want to switch a profile to different buttons depending on what game you're playing, then you can easily switch to 5 different profiles. Each profile has an LED color that helps you recognize what profile you're choosing. The mouse is built with an ergonomic shape that feels comfortable in hand, even for long gaming sessions. For those that want to fire up Call of Duty for a bit, there is a quickfire button on the mouse that will give you an edge on your opponents


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Feels comfortable to use
  • Lots of programmable buttons


  • Overall design lacks a bit of flare
  • The button format on the side takes some getting used to

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse - IGN Recommended -$

UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse can go up to 16400 DPI and is recommended by IGN. This best MMO mouse features a 1000 Hz polling rate and has 30G acceleration. 100-150in/s cursor speed and the Avago sensor make this MMO gaming mouse very precise. The overall clicking on the UtechSmart Venus best MMO mouse feels responsive and fluid. There are 12 programmable buttons on the side of it, and a total of 5 different profiles can be customized. If you quickly want to switch profiles, all you need to do is change the switch button on the bottom of the mouse.

The LED colors provide a distinct and unique look to suit whatever mood you're in. This mouse has received a high 4.5 out of 5-star rating across 6,460 ratings on Amazon. There are 2 Teflon feet pads on the mouse to help it slide more smoothly. The shape and design of this 12 button mouse are designed in a way that makes it comfortable to use. It fits nicely in the palm of the hand and will fit most sizes of hands. You'll notice right away that this best MMO mouse has a solid feel to it. There's no wobbling or flexing, and the textured grip on the surface prevents slippage. Customers will like to know that it comes with an 18-month manufacturer's guarantee, so if anything goes wrong within that period, you have peace of mind. The UtechSmart can compete well against other high-end gaming mice on the market, despite its lower cost.


  • Budget-friendly for premium performance
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Ergonomic design
  • 12 buttons make for great MMO games


  • The edges are a little on the rough side

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse - Long-Lasting Best Choice - $

The Logitech G600 gaming mouse is another fantastic mouse that makes the best MMO mouse list. Overall, it has 20 different buttons that can be used. 12 of those buttons are on the side panel, and they can be used as quickly as possible. The G600 best MMO mouse has polytetrafluoroethylene feet, which reduces the amount of friction that sometimes occurs on different surfaces. It also increases accuracy, which is something that gamers typically want. The shape of the Logitech G600 best MMO mouse is sculpted nicely to fit most hands for long gaming sessions.

There is complete customizability in the lighting of this best MMO mouse, DPI levels, or what buttons you need to use for what function. This is specifically geared towards MMO gamers that want that competitive and accurate edge when playing. Up to 3 different game profiles can be stored with the buttons. The USB report rate is just 1 millisecond, which is proof that you will experience no lag when using functions. Laser tracking can reach up to 8200 DPI, and the main buttons on the G600 best MMO mouse are rated at 20 million clicks. This in itself shows that you'll be with the best MMO mouse for the foreseeable future. The buttons on the mouse are situated in a way that will keep fatigued at a minimum while keeping performance at a maximum


  • Comfortable layout
  • Lots of customization
  • 72 possible keybinds can be saved within the memory of the mouse
  • Profile switching is simple


  • Sometimes the buttons are tricky to reach
  • FPS gamers might prefer something else
  • Right-handed players only

Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse - Wireless Performance - $$

The Redragon M801 best MMO mouse provides lag-free gameplay for up to 35 hours with the LED lights on, and up to 70 hours with the LED lights off. DPI levels can be adjusted up to 16000, and this also features 40G acceleration. The Redragon M801 best MMO mouse boasts incredible accuracy, precision, and high responsiveness for a wireless mouse. There are a total of 8 different lighting effects and 10 brightness levels that can be adjusted. 9 customizable buttons can help keep MMO gamers on their toes. 2 of those buttons are on the side, and there's also a rapid-fire button for FPS gamers. One of the unique features of this wireless MMO mouse is that it has an anti-skid scroll wheel. Teflon feet pads also add an increased measure of smoothness and control. For the price, it isn't easy to find another wireless MMO mouse that will come close in terms of quality, comfort, and reliability.


  • It doesn't feel flimsy or cheap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Precise laser sensor makes gameplay a breeze


  • Sometimes the main buttons can feel on the light side
  • The palm grip might feel too pronounced

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad - Endless Customization - $$

The Razer Tartarus v2 gaming keypad is a device that the most hardcore users will want for their MMO gaming experiences. With 32 mechanical membrane keys on it, gamers can program almost an endless number of functions that will suit their needs. Users will also find that this device has functionality outside of MMO gaming as well. For those that are into using software that requires many different functions, and want those functions to be right at their fingertips, this device can speed up workflow a tremendous amount.

The Tartarus includes an 8-way directional d-pad, as well as a 3-way scroll wheel. The palm rest is comfortable and includes two different positions that it can be adjusted to. This will ensure that your hand or wrist won't get sore on those long WoW raids. Even though the Razer Tartarus isn't exactly the very best MMO mouse, it will go a long way in assisting those that love having full control of everything without always having to reach around the keyboard to hit a particular button. With 32 customizable keys, that is more than enough for all of the functions you'll be using for whatever type of MMO you're playing. As with many other MMO gaming mice on the best MMO mouse list, the Razer Tartarus also includes the lighting.


  • So much customization with 32 keys
  • Comfortable padding for the wrist


  • Certain keys might be a stretch to reach
  • Sometimes prompts pop up

Corsair Nightsword - High Execution - $$$

When you want the best MMO mouse, the Corsair Nightsword is bound to pop up in your searches. Gaming with this best MMO mouse feels very accurate and responsive. This best MMO mouse has state of the art software that will detect the center of gravity. It also gives you the chance to adjust the weight anywhere from 115G to 137G. As a result, the comfort offered by this best MMO mouse is something that's hard to find elsewhere. It can go up to 18,000 DPI, and the accuracy and sensitivity customization are impeccable.

The hand fits so nicely over the Corsair Nightsword that makes MMO gaming feel so natural. The rubber grips covering the best MMO mouse came from inspiration by pro sports equipment. There are a total of 10 customizable buttons on the best MMO mouse, and it would be wise to program them so you can take full advantage during your sessions. In terms of pricing on the Corsair Nightsword, it is a little more costly than the previous models reviewed.


  • Extremely comfortable for all sizes of hands
  • The weight system can be customized in the mouse
  • Feels very durable and solid
  • Rest area for the thumb


  • A little pricey
  • Sometimes the sniper button is tricky to reach comfortably
  • The design might not be for everyone

Razer Naga Trinity - Versatility Meets Performance - $$$

The Razer Naga Trinity ranks high on the best MMO gaming mouse list because of its performance and ability to do a lot of things very well. If you're looking for the best mice for Fortnite, the Naga Trinity might not be the best option out there, but for MMO players who require a lot of customized shortcut keys at their disposal, then it is a strong choice. This best MMO mouse isn't a Razer wireless mouse. It still contains a wire and has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor. A nice thing about the side buttons on this best MMO mouse is that there are 3 interchangeable plates on it that contain either 2, 7, or 12-button customizable configurations. In total, there are 19 buttons that can be programmed through Razer Synapse.

Sometimes with so many different options out there, it can be hard to decide on how many buttons you might need on the best MMO mouse for a particular game. With the Naga Trinity, you don't have to decide because they are all locked into the same best MMO mouse. In addition, you can also customize the color profiles on the mouse, much like many of the other MMO gaming mice. The scroll wheel on the best MMO mouse has a ridged texture that lends higher accuracy for users. The tiny bumps on the wheel are placed in a way that will reduce any slippage that might occur when you are using it to scroll. The durability of this best MMO mouse is rated at 50 million clicks, and it comes back by a 2-year warranty.


  • Side panels can be adjusted
  • Responsive sensor


  • Short and wide design style might not work for everyone
  • Storage of side panels might be cumbersome
  • The layout of 12 buttons is a little confusing

Swiftpoint Z - Most Expensive and Most Unique- $$$$

The Swiftpoint Z is a top-end gaming best MMO mouse that is also the priciest on the best MMO mouse list. It is crafted with Gyro Technology that gives you the ability to tilt, pivot, and roll. It almost feels like an old-school joystick without being old-school. This best MMO mouse will not only give you an advantage on MMO games, but you'll feel like a new person playing FPS, MOBA, and even driving or flight style games. Swiftpoint Z is one of the most unique styles of mice on the current market. There are a total of 5 different pressure sensors in the best MMO mouse that detect how hard you are clicking.

So, if you're feeling exhausted after a long day at work, you can simply adjust the sensor if you feel like you don't have tons of energy to be clicking as hard as you usually would. For FPS games, you can right-click to bring up the scope, click a little deeper to zoom in, and then click even deeper to release the shot. If you're playing a game with this best MMO mouse that has attack levels that are light and heavy, you can do a light click for a lighter style attack and then click deeper to do a heavier attack. The numerous methods in which you can tailor the clicking levels to your preference are endless.

There is also tactile feedback on this best MMO mouse that lets you know when you've used more pressure on a click. The software that lets you program each button is very easy for any gamer to use. The sensor ranges from 200 to 12,000 DPI, and there are a total of 16 buttons on the Swiftpoint Z. For increased peace of mind, users will be glad to know that there's a 3-year limited hardware warranty included.


  • Premium optical sensor
  • Top-notch ergonomics
  • Endless customization
  • In-dept macro editor


  • Expensive
  • Right-handed option only
  • The grips on the side sometimes don't grip

What is MMO Mouse?

An MMO mouse is a mouse that will give MMO gamers an extra edge when playing. MMO games typically require a lot of keys that need to be pressed at certain times during the game for certain purposes. So, the majority of MMO mice are built with a multitude of programmable buttons that can be customized instead of always having to use the keyboard to press those keys. These programmable keys eliminate the time and effort that it takes for you to execute commands, and as a result, your gameplay performance is increased. 

Are MMO Mouses Worth it?

Determining if MMO mouses are worth it all depends on how much time you devote to the MMO you're playing. If you're actively playing a few hours a day, then it's definitely worth considering investing money into the best MMO mouse. If you're just a casual gamer that plays here or there and doesn't care as much, you could probably get away without the best MMO mouse. The nice thing about the best MMO mouse is that they are usually built to be quite comfortable for long gaming sessions, so you'll reap the benefits even if you don't only use it for MMO gaming.

How to Use MMO Mouse

Using an MMO mouse is, in most cases, a fairly straightforward process. Most of the mice on the market come with easy to follow instructions and software that helps you set up your customizable buttons on the mouse. Aside from the customizable buttons that need to be programmed, they are similar to any other mouse where you plug into the USB port on your device.

Do MMO Mouses Work on PS4 

The best MMO mouse that you decide to get should still work on your PS4, but don't be surprised if the programmable buttons on the best MMO mouse don't work for your PS4 games. Those programmable buttons require software to be used to map out what functions those buttons do. 

Do You Need an MMO Mouse?

Like most things in life, if you're investing a tremendous amount of time into something you enjoy, you will want anything that can give you that extra edge. If you are into car racing, you typically won't be caught on the race track with a Toyota Corolla. For MMO gaming, the best MMO mouse can give you the edge you need to bring your experience to the next level. You won't regret your decision in getting your hands on the best MMO mouse on the current market.

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